Fried rice with a twist -Chennai

Asia Kitchen

This place is renowned for its Chinese and Thai food located in Nungambakkam, Chennai,Tamil Nadu.One of the finest restaurants in chennai and proudly Owned by Actor/Director Mr.Rajinikanth.Here are few best and must try dishes at the place

1) Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng, a hot selling dish during the festive seasons is a hotchpotch of rice and tenderly cooked chicken. It is originally an Indonesian fried rice served with meat and vegetables. It has also been called the National dish of Indonesia.Whereas in Chennai, it is served with Teriyaki chicken sticks, beautifully presented on buttery rice and a traditional cracker. As seen in the picture, a half fried egg makes it a full meal for two.

2) General Tao’s Favourite Chicken

General Tao’s Favourite Chicken, another most loved dish at Asia Kitchen, a thick tomato gravy loaded with veggies and chunks of chicken. This curry serves an authentic taste of all Indian spices complimenting eachother. Garlic and chillies hit right on the palate, it can be well relished with the ever flavourful jasmine rice, with a tinge of sweet and sour. It makes a perfect meal for two.

3) Jasmine Fried Rice

Don’t go by looks as they might be decieving. Jasmine Fried rice is of one the best selling and signature Dish of Asia kitchen and my Personal Favourite. Plain rice with essence of Jasmine and star anise gave it an amazing flavour without any side dish.Personally recommend to definitely try it.

4) Fruit Punch

Every meal needs a beverage. Presenting Fruit punch a delicious blend of variety of fruits into a thick and delicious Juice garnished with a bit of strawberry Syrup and Cherry.


Chinese Traditional Peanuts

Chinese Tea

Chinese Traditional Peanuts just like Kimchi Salad an accompaniment just to start off your delicious meal. Followed by ending your meal with a Chinese Tea.Chinese Tea is a Tea beverage made from the leaves of tea plants and boiled water. Tea leaves are processed using traditional Chinese methods.

Asia Kitchen with its competent service is owned by Mr. Rajinikanth.It will always be a pleasure visiting again!

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